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Camp Registration LInks

If you have never accessed the CampMinder system or are not sure if you have an account, you should use this link to start a camp or retreat application:

Start a Camp or Retreat Application

If you want to access your CampInTouch menu to fill out other forms, register for camp or retreat, or to pay fees, you can use this link:

 Access my CampInTouch Menu

If you just want to see what camp weeks may fit your needs, you can use this link:

Find Camp Dates and Rates


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Welcome to the new registration page!

For first time users, the best place to start is with the Start a Camp or Retreat Application link on the left side of this page. You will be asked to enter your name and email address.  

  • If your email is recognized by the system you will be prompted for your password.  If this is your first time you will not have a password, so you need to use the Forgot Password link to have it reset.  
  • If your email is not recognized by the system you can create a CampMinder account.

Once signed on you will see the campers associated with your account.  Select one of the displayed campers to register (or add a new camper), and enter / update the required information.  Note: If you are an adult registering for a retreat you are the camper.

Using the Access my CampInTouch Menu link will allow you to see your family's current CampMinder account information, such as registered campers, required forms, financial status (yes, you can make a payment here) and much more.  Use the same password as you established when you first accessed the system.

To learn more about the new system and how our old data was converted and uploaded, please refer to CampMinder Introduction.pdf

It would be best if you don't use a phone to access the system use your tablet or computer instead.  Some have had difficulty with the way the screens are displayed (or not displayed as the case may be).

Questions?  Contact us at

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On-Line Staff Application - Friday, November 19, 2021

Attention all staff!!   Whether you are a returning staff member, a new staff member or a want to be staff member, you need to complete a staff application in the CampMinder system.  You can use this link to complete a staff application:

Staff Application Link




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