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Thank you for your willingness to give a week of your life to work with the youth attending Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp.  Without volunteers, it would be impossible for the camp to operate. The work of a staff member in a Christian camp should not be taken lightly or turned over to just anyone. It is a most challenging work! The staff members and especially the cabin counselors need some practical ideas about their work that will enable them to make a major contribution to the lives of each camper. 

It is our hope you are volunteering out of a desire to help our youth develop mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. To be successful, you must lead in both word and deed. Your example in demonstrating how to act will likely have a greater impact on campers than any other experience.  Hence, it is imperative that you be a positive role model every hour of every day.

One of the greatest strengths at Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp has been that of securing counselors who realize the great possibilities of working with young people and who have some specific ideas of how to make a major contribution to their lives. How could she/he give her/ his campers a true love of God unless she/he truly loves God? Or how can she/he inspire young people to dedicate their lives to Christ when she/he is not personally dedicated to Him? Or how can she/he develop a real joy in worshiping God in the hearts of young people if worship to her/him is not a thrilling and joyous experience? It is trusted that this material will fill a real need at Fort Hill and will be of help to others if used in other Christian camps. It is provided to Fort Hill staff and new program managers with the expectation that it will be read and followed.

The Board of Trustees is committed not only to camping but to excellence in Christian camping. All staff members are expected to demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their work.   Again, the Trustees thank you for you sacrifice and dedication.  It is our hope that this page contains information to make you job easier.

 --Board of Trustees-- 



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2021 Class Material is Available!

See below for the 2021 class material.  The elementary material will be available soon.



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The 5 year education curriculum / theme for Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp is as follows:

2021 Back to the Bible
2022 Christian Evidences
2023 The Plan of Slvation
2024 The Church
2025 The Christian Life (Ethics)


 2021 Class Day 1: How we got the Bible Minimize

 2021 Class Day 2: The Authority of the Bible Minimize

 2021 Class Day 3: Knowing the Bible Minimize

 2021 Class Day 4: Defending the Bible Minimize

 2021 Class Day 5: Back to the Bible Minimize



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